Discover mylight

Bedzonline is proud to present the e3light mylight – the LED strip is placed under the bed that automatically switches on when you swing your feet out, providing a soft light so you can easily and safely walk across the room without turning on the bedside or ceiling lamp.

Introduction Video

How does mylight work?

The light comes from a narrow band of LEDs that can be easily fit to length and installed without tools – it is attached to the bed frame with the self-sticking tape. The light turns on and off automatically by a motion sen-sor. The sensor is also sensitive to light so that it is activated only when the room is dark and light is needed.

Who are e3light and mylight?

mylight is a new type of light from the Danish company e3light. It was designed to make life easier for parents of young children, the elderly and anyone who needs to be out of bed at night.

Who’s this useful for?

Everyone! Most people are familiar with the problem at night. Whether it’s a crying child that needs attending or nature’s call, it is often problematic having to find the light switch and wake a sleeping partner by turning on too much light. Studies show that 50% of people above the age of 50 have to get out of bed at night to use the bath-room. They either have to search for the light switch or risk crossing the room in the dark.

How to install mylight